Hints for Job Posting

There is no charge to post employment announcements on the PNLA Jobs page. 

The PNLA website is run by volunteers.  Thus the time that the webmaster can devote to formatting and correcting received postings is limited.

It's therefore incumbent on the staff member sending the posting to observe a few basic rules:

  1. If at all possible, include a deadline for applications — or, at the least, a note to the webmaster as to when the posting should be pulled. In the absence of a firm deadline, postings will receive an 'open until filled' designation and remain on the list for one month.
  2. If possible, please send postings in the text of a plain-text email. Alternately, attached Word or PDF documents may be sent.  Please do not send job brochures or excessively long (more than 3 pages) announcements.
  3. Place the job title, name of employer and deadline on separate lines at the beginning of your postings.
  4. Be advised that, due to time constraints, the webmaster may not always be able "acknowledge receipt" of submitted postings. New jobs are posted at least once a week and more often volume warrants additional uploads.
  5. If your job fills before the posting is deleted from the website, please let the webmaster know and she will remove the posting the same day, if possible.